Go Brownie!!; Kings 8, Canucks 3

Ahhh, sweet sweet victory. The Los Angeles Kings absolutely destroyed the Vancouver Canucks in an 8-3 stomping last night with Roberto Luongo taking the eight-goals against stat hit. Kings captain Dustin Brown went the other way on the stats sheet by recording a hat trick on home ice. This guy's taken so much crap in the last few games that his performance last night makes it that much better. The Canucks were looking to physically rough the Kings, but ended up killing themselves by taking seven (7) total penalties and they actually doubled up on the Kings in the hits column. Brownie and Jack Johnson had standout games while virtually everyone else was continuing his steady level of play.

Of course I'll acknowledge that it's always iffy against this team, but there are times when they Kings can actually beat them! It's possible, people! That being said, I can't remember the last time I felt confident/comfortable facing them. Playoff opponent? I'm actually not 100% nervous at the thought of that match up...more like 95% nervous.

So I'm not a trash talker in the least bit nor am I a heartless gloater, so I'll just mention a few things:

  • With all this supplemental discipline talk going on around the league, it always baffles me as to why things happen in bunches. Case in point, Jeff Halpern was taken out with a hit to the head by Tanner Glass with an unfortunate, but preventable, hit against the boards. Yeah, Halpern was completing a pass and subsequently ended the pass with his head on a lower plane than Glass was expecting, but he could have easily let up and not followed through with the hit. I was a little surprised (but not) when Glass only received 2 for charging and 5 for fighting Matt Greene. Perhaps there'll be supplemental discipline tomorrow, but I won't be shocked if there isn't. The NHL says it evaluates every situation on its own so I'm sure they'll find a way to justify the hit. I definitely would have liked Richard Clune in the lineup for this game, but I can only retrospectively say that since I wasn't expecting the hit-fest that came right from puck drop. Thank you, Darcy Hordichuk.
  • On an exciting note, Anze Kopitar will be setting his personal point record with every point he notches from here on out. It's almost too good to be true with how well this team is performing individually. Can't be anything but excited for them.
  • Of course, the elephant in the room: Jonathan Bernier. The news from this morning is that Erik Ersberg is now cleared to suit up. What happens in the next 48 hours is up to management, but, whatever happens, I'm sure every Kings fan will have his or her say in the matter.

On another note: Hey, Heidi. Just a tip for you, maybe you should interview people who aren't drunk, stoned, and slurring their words. You know who I'm talking about.