Goal Differential in the Playoffs: LA's Still Shining

Before the playoffs started, I took a trip over the final quarter of the season to see how ready the Kings were for the playoffs. Over that last quarter, the Kings led the Western Conference in winning percentage and most importantly goal differential. They were second best in goals for per game and also in goals against. Would they be able to sustain those numbers in the playoffs?

Well...hell yes! They were, and still are.

  • The Kings have a .900 winning percentage.
    GF/G the Kings are 1st in the West with a 3.10 GF/G.
  • Their GA/G is not only leading the West, but the East as well with a 1.60 GA/G.
  • The differential of +1.50 is not only tops in the West, but is an improvement over where they were to start the playoffs judging from how they finished the final quarter of the season./

That differential should be impossible to sustain, considering the Kings are playing opponents that are now able to focus all their attention on how to stop the them. Quick's high save percentage has played a part. For the fans of this blog, it's fairly obvious how we here feel about possession stats like Corsi, and Fenwick -- but seeing the end results, and watching the Kings outscore their opponents 2-1, to go along with the +21 they had to finish out the final quarter of the season are signs that not only are the Kings winning, but they're doing it the right way.