GOLD MEDAL GAME: Canada vs. USA!!!

This is it; the gold medal game between Team Canada and the US of A! There couldn't be a better match up going into the final game, not to mention the story line of the US beating the Canadians in the preliminary round. I'm a US citizen but am hoping for a Team Canada win. I honestly want Canada to win in Canada with the goalies putting on a show. I want a close game with no more than a 2 goal differential with a generous smattering of breakaways and blocked shots. I want Drew Doughty to shine. I want Dustin Brown to smash people. I want Jack Johnson to answer my texts. I want Michael Handzus to get some rest before Tuesday's game. I want Jonathan Quick to do the same actually. Go hockey on a world stage!!


Also, here is an update on the Wayne Simmonds bobblehead giveaway! (If you need a refresher on what's going on, here's the original link). Thanks to everyone for getting in on the action so far. Needless to say, I've eliminated RudyKelly because, well... you know. I've charted out what's been going on to date so everyone can see where they place. I'm going to give everyone until Sunday 11:59pm PST to get in their comments for his or her chance at the big prize.

Wayne Simmonds Bobblehead Giveaway Tally

Name Number of Comments
DougX 27
DodgerBlueBalls 24
falmer 24
Jietoh 12
JZarris 8
justlu 6
BoulderDodger 6
wavesinair 6
88fingerslukee 5
Cool Dudes 5
Irish Pat 4
Bettman's Nightmare 4
Surly Jacob (JDM) 3
m_and_m 3
Earl Sleek 2
Buck Turgidson 2
Space Weed 2
Nut 2
g r a c e 1
WebBard 1
kokopoko 1
Hawerchuk 1
Great Ice-Pectations 1
black296tuuk 1
AKAY47 1
savemefromtears 1
dtownmbrown 1
HockeyPuck 1