Game Thread: Gotta Stay Ahead in the Standings! Kings vs. Wings

Good evening out there in SB Nation-land. Glad you could join us for the Kings game against the Detroit Red Wings. Currently only one point separates the two teams in the standings, which means a Kings win will put 3 points of distance behind the Kings and some comfort back into my heart. That being said, I can't remember the last time the Kings even had a shot at the Joe Louis.

Here's some food for thought while we wait for faceoff.


There have been a bunch of things to talk about regarding this team from the past few days. Here are some quick words on two in particular with the first being the most prominent story.

1) The interview with GM Dean Lombardi regarding Jack Johnson published by Gann Matsuda of Frozen Royalty. The posts are numerous from the Los Angeles Times, LA Kings Insider, Battle of California, Puck Daddy, and even right below! The comments are all over the place with everyone thinking he or she is correct. What do you think? Please continue the discussion in the previous thread. All comments and opinions are welcome.

2) An interesting update from Puck Daddy yesterday about Team Russia naming Russian players in the NHL as "substitutes" for their roster in the Vancouver Olympics. The crux here is the Russians wanted to "prove" their machismo by not outfitting their entire roster with NHL players. Instead they're filling out their lineup with KHL players. What a joke.

What's that? Frolov has no idea he was named? Why does that not surprise me.


Per Rich Hammond at LA Kings Insider, here is the lineup at puck drop in a few minutes: