Gross: Nashville 4, Kings 2

Surprise, surprise. The Los Angeles Kings laid an egg against the Nashville Predators last night. I truly hate playing this team; not only because of their terrible jersey design/colors but because the Kings never play well against them. I'm unable to pinpoint where the falloff of quality effort occurs; is it when they see the schedule at the beginning of the year? Whatever it is, I will be shocked when I see the Kings beat the Preds in my lifetime.

I had high hopes for the team when they opened the game taking a bajillion faceoffs in the Preds' zone leading into the opening goal. Success! But then I was promptly reminded that this isn't the way these games typically pan out. Also, I hate that I'm unable to watch games that start while I'm still at work, which sometimes include other logistical issues to where I don't actually get to watch the game until the 11pm PST FSW preview. The one great thing about this is that I don't have to watch crappy games if I get too tired, which will inevitably happen once it gets to be around midnight. The 1x fast forward on the Tivo is perhaps one of the greatest inventions ever developed.

To the two newbies on the team, I felt pretty bad they had to debut against the Preds, so here my quick open memo to Freddie Modin and Jeff Halpern:

Dear Jeff and Freddie,

I hope you will take into account that the Los Angeles Kings don't in fact suck. They've utlized the entire season proving that and no one is perfect. You're just going to have to live with the fact that the Kings run into brick walls at every turn when they're facing the Nashville Predators. It's a strange phenomena and I'm not sure how else to explain to you. You can say they're tired (untrue), they're getting used to a new lineup (lies), or that you shouldn't expect the wheels to ever move smoothly against the Preds (ding, ding, ding!).

Thanks for coming out, hope to see you in good spirits for the next game. All that good stuff.



I'm just going to put this game out of my memory bank and move on. I have every confidence in the world the Kings will bounce back for Saturday's game against the Montreal Canadiens. They'll look like their usual selves and all will be right with the world.

Lastly, I'd like to suggest boxing/fighting lessons for Matt Greene.