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Guide to #Fancystats

Talking #Fancystats on Fox Sports West

Eric discusses Corsi, PDO, zone starts, and grit (just kidding) with Alex Curry.

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PDO Explained

Cam Charron breaks down possibly the most important hockey stat there is.

Corsi Explained

Kings color analyst Jim Fox talked about Corsi a lot last night. What exactly is it and why should you care?

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Common Misconceptions on #FancyStats

An attempt to bring understanding of hockey analytical theories so that anyone can come to their own informed opinion.

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Hockey stats part 2: Individual contributions

In part 2 of our stat primer, we look at the stats that shed light on individual player contributions and where modern analysis is headed.

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Just how good are the Kings, really?

A shot differential metric developed on Broad Street Hockey is gaining increasingly widespread use. Let's look at what it means and what it says about Flyers West.

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A Glossary of Terms - Advanced Analytics

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PDO: The one advanced stat you need to understand

Why PDO is the most vital advanced stat you can utilize.