Habs fan sounds like Kings fan; Habs sounds like Kings; Kings still not in playoffs

[Carbonneau] figures that since [the skilled players are] so good he'll squish them onto the fourth line. Now Perezhogin is playing on the fourth line with some no name guy that can't receive a pass and whose main objective is to hit. He gets 7 minutes a game playing along players that can't play at his level. Since he doesn't produce, Carbo benches him. Carbo did the same with Plekanec this season. He had a couple of bad games so he puts him on a line with greek lightning who can't get his passes and BGL or Dandy. How is he supposed to get out of his slump while playing with those players, it's ridiculous. [...]

And as for Carbo spreading fourth liners through out the line-up, he must have lost his mind. It's the most ridiculous strategy I have ever heard of. The worst was when the habs were playing poorly defensively and weren't winning games, so he took Gorges and put him on the fourth line. Now someone please explain to me how taking a solid third defenseman and putting him on a foward line to have 7 minutes of playing time help your defense. What an idiot.

via Around The Habs.