Hall of Awesome: Feisty Voynov Plays Keep-A-Way With The 'Yotes

Reader Andrew L. nominated this for our playoff memory archive -- great call! It's a wonderful shift for the rookie defenseman, and the entire clip highlights how tenacious the Kings' forecheck was overall.

In the waning moments of Game 3 at Staples Center, the Kings have a one goal lead. With two minutes remaining, the crowd rises to its feet -- and the Kings will simply not let the Coyotes break out of their zone.

The fun begins as Voynov just decides to go in solo on the attack, one against five...and keeps it there for half a minute all on his own.

"Oh, what's that? You dogs maybe wanted to tie it up? Well, good luck doing that without the puck. Nyah, nyah, you can't stop me!"

That was my favorite part of that game, but I hadn't seen it again until now. Thanks for the find, Andrew!

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