Hall Of Awesome: Relive Your LA Kings' One Month Stanley-versary

Just one month ago, the Los Angeles Kings rewarded years of patience when they won their very first Stanley Cup.

Today we debut a new feature on JFTC, called "Hall of Awesome" after Darryl Sutter's favorite adjective. Each week, we will post some of our favorite clips, highlights, photos, fan videos, and animated gifs to commemorate their 2012 playoff run.

The summer is brief -- all the more reason to savor every memory of our championship team! Consider this an archive of good feelings. I know I will never stop looking back at this and grinning.

First up, we have the final moments of the Cup-clinching game, plus on-ice celebrations. If you haven't seen the CBC's coverage, it's a treat. They fall silent and let the noise of the crowd take over in the final minute. While we wait for Bob and Jim, it's the best way we have to relive those final moments.

Aw, am I tearing up again? Thanks to McSwarley for the find!

Moments to love: No one is happier than Willie Mitchell. Brodeur with Quick. Poni taking extra time to congratulate his old teammates. Lombardi not wanting to take the Cup, and making sure Drewiske gets a big hug. Gagne almost dropping it, then saving it. Darryl Sutter's grin. Everything Dustin Brown.



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Party on!