He Didn't Ask, But I'll Answer Anyway

RudyKelly sat down with himself for an interview over on BoC, you know, sort of like Paul McCartney did with that insert in his first solo LP. What's an LP? Who the hell knows? Because I have nothing better to do, I thought I would answer his questions, too.

Am I disappointed with the way they've played this series? Not yet.

Do I wish the Kings had called up Jonathan Bernier? Not yet.

Do I wish Randy Jones were shot into the Sun? No. Geo-synchronous orbit above Staples.

Is Randy Jones the reason the Kings have lost any one game? Not even close.

Is Terry Murray just an average in-game coach? Pretty average among the top 30 coaches of all time.

Does he deserve anything but adulation for his overall performance this season? Top five for Adams.

Has this been the best season since 1992-93? I also liked 2000-01.

Do I have any regrets spending countless hours writing about a hockey team on the internet? No. I have a staff.

Do I want the Kings to win tonight? Yes.

Will I be devastated if they lose? I was devastated when the Bruins lost to Montreal in OT of game 7, 1979. If the Kings lose I will be unhappy and will have to let go of the fantasies I entertained three games ago.

Am I proud of this team? Yes.

Would I change anything about this season? I would have traded for a back-up in November and given the guy 20 games. I would have picked up a crusty defenseman at the deadline. I would have stuck with Moller, even now. I would have benched Loktionov for the entire third period of that game for no reason.

I like these questions. Everyone should answer them.