Hear Bob Miller's Call: 39 Year Wait Is Over For The Voice Of The Kings

Bob Miller, our Hall of Fame broadcaster, has been the voice of the Los Angeles Kings for nearly forty years. At age 73, he decided to sign on for one more season. What he will decide after that isn't certain. But until yesterday, his worst fear was that the Kings might win the Cup the year after he retired.

Last night, the captain delivered that Stanley Cup right to him.

Like many Kings fans, listening to Bob call the games was a part of my childhood. His excellence has set high standards. If you've ever had the honor of meeting him, you know it a true pleasure. Miller always takes time to talk to every fan, and he's as warm and courteous as one can possibly be. I know I'm not alone when I say this: he feels like part of the family.

After so many years of sharing each Kings moment with us, we were worried we'd never get to see him realize his dream. But that's all over now.

Rich Hammond captured the moment he lifted Lord Stanley's Cup.

Best of all, here's the audio of his message he had for us fans at the end of his call.

Thank you, Bob. Thank you so dang much for getting him that Cup, Kings. We love you.

I'm just going to keep hydrating because I'm all teary-eyed.

What would you say to Bob if you could?