Help get Bailey in the Mascot Hall of Fame

Get our mascot in the Hall of Fame and we'll commit to going and covering the induction ceremony in person. Who wouldn't want that?

Help get Bailey in the Mascot Hall of Fame
Photo by Keyur Nandaniya / Unsplash

Did you know that there's a Mascot Hall of Fame? Well, surprise! There is! The Hall was established in 2005 as an online recognition, but opened an actual Hall in 2018 in Whiting, Indiana, which is around 20 miles south of Chicago and is otherwise known for its annual Pierogi Festival (ask me how I know).

Each year, the Hall selects several mascots for induction based off of votes from the Mascot Hall of Fame Executive Committee, Hall Membership Holders, and the general public.

There are currently 25 mascots who have been inducted into the Hall, and the organization is currently engaging in the fan vote for the 2023 inductees.

What does this have to do with the Kings?

Well, our very own Bailey is nominated for this year's class!

Bailey is one of 18 nominees this year; the nominees also include Cozmo from the LA Galaxy and Goldy Gopher from the University of Minnesota. Bailey is the only hockey mascot under consideration this year.

The fan vote is currently open; fans can select up to seven mascots on a ballot and can vote once per day. The ballot asks for name, email, and zip code, and you can opt out of receiving the Hall's newsletter (but who doesn't want mascot content in their inbox?).

If Bailey were to be selected, he would be just the third NHL mascot to be honored, joining Tommy Hawk of the Chicago Blackhawks and Youppi! of the Montreal Canadiens.

Winners will be announced on June 23, with the induction ceremony to take place on August 12.