Here's my offer: Nothing.

If Drew Doughty’s Contract Was For 5 Years, What Would You Pay Him? " S U R L Y & S C R I B E

So, Drew wants 5. He sure as hell doesn’t want 9 and has balked at 7.

Yeah, I think that's probably what he wants.

I would prefer 7. Actually, I would prefer as many UFA years taken away as possible, but we will put that on the "want but won’t get" list. $7 million cap hit for 5 years? Stamkos got $7.5 per season ($37.5 total) for 5, right? Some look at Weber’s 1 year award as the benchmark but I wonder if Steven Stamkos (another Don Meehan client) is the measuring stick with which Newport Sports Management wish to beat Dean Lombardi down. Do you go there? I don’t. No way do I give Drew that kind of money or absorb a $7.5 million dollar cap hit for a short-term deal. Do you? [...] Everyone wants a deal…there is that word want again. Back to the original question – 5 years. What do you give?

Here's my offer. Nothing. Not even the fee for the gaming license, which I would like you to put up personally. [Okay, sorry, that's more Corleone than Lombardi.]

Seriously, there is no amount of money that would make a five year deal worth it. I wouldn't do it if Doughty was willing to take $1MM a year for five years. No way I would make Doughty a UFA at 26.

I would rather over-pay for a longer deal than underpay for a short one. I would rather over-pay for a deal shorter than four years (so he can be an RFA when it expires).  [never mind, he would then go to arbitration and would end up a UFA in four or five years, so that doesn't work]

If Doughty actually balked at $6.5MM per year for nine years, I would maybe offer $6.25MM/eight years, or even $6.80000001/ten years.

If Doughty or Meehan are waiting for $7MM/5 years, my response to that would be "it's going to be a long wait."