Here's To Hoping 2013 Is As Awesome As 2012

2012 brought a new attitude for the Kings, so why should 2013 be any different?

The Los Angeles Kings were the best hockey team in the world in 2012. Soak it in, Kings fans, for it is true. So, as we say goodbye to another calendar year, let us all remember where we were and what we were doing when the Kings lifted the Cup, and lift a glass to this new year (and hope that we get to see professional hockey again).

So here are a few of the best moments from the year for the Kings. Sit back, grab a drink, relax, and feel free to post your moments in the comments, because there is never not a good time to reminisce about winning the Stanley Cup.

Dustin Brown Hat Trick, 2/25/12.

Jeff Carter's First Goal as a King, 3/3/2012

Dwight King goal, 4/2/2012 – Clinches playoffs for Kings. How HUGE were Dwight King and Jordan Nolan in 2012?!

Jarret Stoll OT Goal in Vancouver, 4/22/2012

Jon Quick save, WC Semis Game 1, 4/28/2012

Anze Kopitar SH Goal, WC Semis Game 2, 4/30/2012

Jon Quick and Anze Kopitar save, WCSemis Game 4, 5/6/2012

Dustin Penner OT Goal, WCF Game 5, 5/22/2012 – Brown's huge hit, Penner's goal sends the Kings to SCF, Coyotes whining...what more could you ask for in a video?!?! The perfect summation of the Kings-Coyotes series.

Anze Kopitar OT Goal, SCF Game 1, 5/30/2012 (Dag Nabit, what a freaking goal)

Drew Doughty Goal, SCF Game 2, 6/2/2012

Jeff Carter OT Goal, SCF Game 2, 6/2/2012

Anze Kopitar Goal, SCF Game 3, 6/4/2012

Dustin Brown PP Goal, SCF Game 6. 6/11/2012

Jeff Carter tip-in Goal, SCF Game 6, 6/11/2012

Jeff Carter Goal, SCF Game 6, 6/11/2012

Trevor Lewis EN Goal, SCF Game 6, 6/11/2012

Kings lift the Cup, NBC feed, 6/11/2012

Kings lift the Cup, CBC feed, 6/11/2012 – Say what you will about Jim Hughson, but he didn't speak for over two minutes at the end of this game. Only crowd noise, as it should be. And then he polishes it off with "And here are the words that have never been spoken: the Los Angeles Kings have won the Stanley Cup!" Beautiful.

Lockout or no lockout, I think everything is going to be okay, you guys. Happy New Year!!!