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History Lesson

The Puck Stopped Here: Top Six Goalies in Kings History

71 men have defended the nets in Kings history, but only 28 have played in 50 or more games. Ranking the top two is easy, but who else deserves recognition?

Dan Maloney: The People’s Choice

The internet demands to know why I left Dan Maloney off last week’s list of top-5 all-time Kings tough guys.

Royal Goons and Regal Enforcers. Long May they Reign!

My Top Five Tough Guys in Kings History

Mike Richards' Five Best Moments in Los Angeles

When you win two Stanley Cups, there are bound to be some highlights.

The Los Angeles Kings Turn 50!

Where they've been, and how they're celebrating.

Anze Kopitar's 11 Best Moments in a Kings Uniform

Happy birthday, buddy!

13 Years of #13 Picks: Is LA In a Good Spot?

LA's got their best draft position since 2009. What kind of player might they find?

Ten Things You Forgot About Kings-Hawks Game 7

One year later, you remember Alec Martinez's goal, but here's some stuff you might not remember.

Featured Fanshot

(VIDEO) Here's a Totally Legal Headed Goal from 2000

Last night, Andrew Shaw of the Chicago Blackhawks appeared to score one of the most incredible overtime goals in playoff history, leaping into the air and using his head to direct a rebound past Frederik Andersen. Unfortunately, the goal did not count because directing the puck with any part of your body (and not the stick) is illegal. HOWEVER. Back on December 7 2000, the Kings' Stu Grimson scored a perfectly legal goal with his head, by simply having it in the right position. Thanks to Grimson himself for pointing this out. What a finish!

The History Behind the LA Kings' Winter Woes

Here's why Kings fans always expect the worst from the team in December and January.

Looking Back at Terry Murray's 2008-09

How much credit does Terry Murray deserve for guiding the Kings to respectability in 2008-09?