- Matthew Barry - Loktionov and Segal Likely Recalled

My friend in Manchester says Andrei Loktionov and Brandon Segal are packing their bags and heading to the show.

Loktionov, 6 goals and 11 assists in 17 games while Segal has 6 goals and 8 assists in 21 games.

via - Matthew Barry - Loktionov and Segal Likely Recalled.

As Jimmy Neutron's biggest fan, I still worry that he's too pubescent this year, but if this is true (that he's on his way) then I am excited that DL thinks he's ready for a game or two. Lines? I'm going to guess:





You're going to need Brown or Simmonds to protect Loktionov. Segal could play off-wing and be swapped for Purcell. Powerplay units:

#1: Frolov/Kopitar/Brown/Doughty/Williams

#2: Purcell/Handzus/Loktionov/Jones/Johnson

Loktionov played off-wing (RW) on the power-play last year in Windsor and made some of the sickest fake-shot passes from there I've ever seen. If Murray is still freaked out about Williams on the point, then it's Williams on the first unit RW, Brown drops to the second unit RW, with Loktionov on the LW, with Handzus still in the middle (Purcell gets bumped in favor of Loktionov).