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Lundqvist on Letterman: "They were a little lucky..."

Henrik Lundqvist appeared on the Late Show with David Letterman last night to talk about the art of goaltending, the drama of the NHL playoffs, and... briefly... the Los Angeles Kings. Letterman tries to egg Lundqvist on about how the Kings are "goons", but being your prototypical NHL interview, he refuses to really criticize anyone in particular. Why would he? The Kings are model citizens! He does reluctantly mention that though the Kings play well, they were "a little lucky." I'm pretty sure I could see the Dwight King play from Game 2 replaying in his head as he said it. The Kings' response: predictable.

Coaches Re-Signed: Is Stevens Coach-in-Waiting?

With vultures (and Penguins) circling, the Kings manage to re-sign their coaching staff, and give John Stevens an interesting title.

Sharks soon to be elimated, Thornton's last year?