How Does Kopitar's Season Compare to Last Year?

  • He's on pace for 32 goals (tying his career best from two years ago) and 48 assists (exceeding his career best of 45, two years ago) for 80 points. Three points better than two years ago, fourteen points better than last year.
  • Last year, after 43 games, he was at 11 goals, 22 assists, 33 points. This year, he's at 17-25-42.
  • Last year, in 21 games (out of the first forty three) he did not register a point. This year, only 16 no-shows so far.
  • Last year, in 8 games (through the first 43 games) he was held to one or no shots. This year, also 8 games.
  • Last year, he scored three goals in one-goal victories (i.e. games in which the Kings won by one goal; there were 7 such games in the first 43). This year, he's scored 5 such goals (out of 13 such games).
  • Last year, there were 9 one-goal losses (first 43 games) in which he did not score a goal. This year, there have been 8./