How Often and Does It Matter 2.0

Kings are 4-1. At 3-1, we determined that the Kings actually make the playoffs less frequently when they are at 3-1 or better after four games. But what about after being 4-1 after five games? Are the odds any better? (The list shows season/record/yes-no-playoffs?)

1970-71 4-1 no

1980-81 4-1 yes

1988-89 4-1 yes

1992-93 4-1 yes

Three out of four, or 75%. When they did not start this well, they only made the playoffs 54% of the time. So the odds are with us. (Incidentally -- and I declare this a jinx-free comment -- the Kings only reached 5-1 twice, in '80 and '92, and they've managed 6-1 never. The best start in franchise history is 10-1-1 in '80. As of today, we can call it the third best start in franchise history.)