I assume klubblos means clubless

Lilja's definitely 'klubblos,' but insists he controls his future | MLive.com

Former Red Wings defenseman Andreas Lilja last spoke to his hometown newspaper, Helsingborgs Dagblad, on June 27th, emphasizing that he wanted to test the free agent marketplace's waters, and, as he would later tell the Swedish news agency TT and Expressen's Gunnar Nordstrom, he expected to find both a larger payday than the reported 1-year, $1 million offer the Wings gave him (per Greg Brady) and a guaranteed spot on a team's "top four." [...] A month later, Lilja remains "klubblös," and he spoke to Helsingborgs Dagblad's Sara Johansson, but insisted that he's neither nervous nor anything less than in full control of his hockey future.

I thought Lilja was pretty good when he was a King all those years ago. Is there is a reason we shouldn't sign him?