I Disagree with Bobby Scribe

Shea Weber, Drew Doughty & Market Value " S U R L Y & S C R I B E L.A. Kings Hockey Blog
Shea Weber received an award of $7.5 million for one season. That makes him the highest paid defenseman in the league. For one season. That does not establish "market" value for top defensemen who seek contracts for more than a season, anymore than Surly getting lucky with a hot, drunk, 20 something year old blonde who is angry at her ex boyfriend, on one random night establishes his target market for the rest of his potential scores.

Surly, having enjoyed the company of the hot, drunk, twenty-something angry-at-her-ex-boyfriend blonde, might well decide to hold out till he gets a similar deal long-term, no matter how much his friends counseled him to the effect of "you've got to be f-ing kidding me."

Also, in this analogy, Surly needs to believe he is much hotter and younger than the ex-boyfriend.