I do not have a good feeling about this

Updates on Martinez, Parse, Penner " LA Kings Insider

(on Parse’s status…) MURRAY: "I don’t even know how to answer that, quite honestly. There’s nothing new. Nothing has changed. It hasn’t improved, it hasn’t gotten worse. It’s definitely more than a day-to-day situation with him. We’ll have to make a decision on where this goes."

Parse’s status has been a bit murky since last season. He underwent hip surgery, but there has still been the possibility that more surgery might be needed. I asked Murray whether the current injury is tied to Parse’s previous troubles and, well, it’s still murky…

MURRAY: "There’s still an issue there. Again, I don’t know all the terms for even how to describe this thing. He had the operation last year and took care of the hip on that side. I don’t know if it’s all tied together or not. I think there needs to be a thorough examination here, by a specialist, and see where that’s at."

If I might read between the lines:

Parse has a chronic problem, probably with his hip(s), probably on the side opposite the side that was "fixed" last year, and they have to decide whether he will magically improve on his own (which is not happening so far) so that he can soldier on through the season, or (more likely) he will have another operation and be out for another year. Which means, he would be done in LA, since his contract is up next summer.

I put the odds of Scott Parse -- one of my favorite prospects -- playing in another game for the Kings at 50:50. I know some of you think that's a big "so what", but that's because you don't think Scooter can be a 30 goal/year guy. I do.