I Don't Think the Ducks are Going to Make It

Yes, they've gone on a tear lately, going 9-3 in their last twelve. They have 87 points and eight games left. Those games are, in order: CHI, COL, CGY, SJS, DAL, SJS, LAK, LAK. They just this week beat the Kings, Flames and Stars in OT.

I don't think they will beat both the Flames and the Stars on the rematch. I don't think they will beat the Kings twice. I don't think they'll beat San Jose twice. Maaaaybe they can beat both Chicago and Colorado, but I think they won't. If they split each of those pairs of games, that's four wins, eight more points, 95 points.

Not enough.

If they can convert two of those predicted (by me) losses into OT losses, they'll make it to 97 and probably get the 8th spot. I think that's unlikely though. As much as the narrative of both the Kings and the Ducks making the playoffs for the first time is exciting for everyone to contemplate, and as magical as the Ducks' little run has been the last two weeks, I think it's been luck more than anything.

Which has a way of balancing out.