I give up. How many Juraj Mikuses are there? (And just how excellent is his missile?)

It appears to me to be one guy who was drafted by Montreal, remained unsigned, went back into the draft, was drafted by Toronto, possibly went unsigned again, and possibly now has been invited to the Kings rookie camp, and is either 6'1" or 6'4", is right handed or else left handed and plays forward but maybe defense. Possibly these are pictures of him. Or them.

Inside the Kings commenter "Cynic" ran an article on him through Google Translator and got this: "It is a tall, outspoken, intelligent player with good hands and excellent missile."

Nice. Lombardi said we needed that, I think.

Okay, but this guy (below, maple leaf sweater) is not the same guy as the skinny one. Right? So maybe there are two. It's certainly funnier if there are two completely unrelated Juraj Mikuses both playing hockey, maybe both in the NHL.

I mean, I assume they're not from the same family. Because that would be weird.