I Knew It: Blackhawks 3, Kings 2 (OT)

The Los Angeles Kings went into Chicago and faced one of hottest teams in the NHL in the Blackhawks who, after last night, are still sitting at the top of the Central Division with 93 points. It was a hard fought game, but at least the Kings came away with one point. It's amazing how a game can completely turn around with just one pass. Brad Richardson will be kicking himself in the face until puck drop of the next game. The backhanded, no-look pass out into center ice in overtime was a little too fancy. The Kings forwards charging into the offensive zone completely overskated the puck due to it moving two miles per hour and it was all over. There was no way Jonathan Quick was going to stop that puck. Granted Quick has looked great this season, but sometimes you're going to come out on the bottom. Patrick Sharp grabbed up the puck and I simultaneously grabbed the remote because it was over. There has to be a Kings Killer on every team, and for the Blackhawks, it's Patrick Sharp. It seems like this guy scores in every game. A little frustrating, but I can handle it.

As an aside, I wasn't a fan of having the game feed abruptly end (thus no recap of the game) because FSW had to go to some Pac-10 crud. College basketball? Boring. Don't try to tell me that's exciting because I just watched an exciting game of hockey. Two of the hottest teams in the NHL going head-to-head is no match for any other sporting event on TV right now.

Back to the game, I was pretty surprised how many penalties the Kings ended up taking. The 5-on-3 in the first half of the first period was mental. The Blackhawks blasted away and Quick stood on his head when his defenders actually let shots through. A few nailed posts and plenty of blocked shots later, my heart settled down. It's great to see everyone making the sacrifices every game. Teeth? You can get those made for you the next time you visit the dentist. Everything I'm seeing from this team is looking good. Alexander Frolov is hustling, Wayne Simmonds is getting his nose dirty, and Drew Doughty is getting better. How is that possible.

Thank you, Dean Lombardi.