I love this so much: Hitchcock asks Babcock if he can intern (well, basically)

Ken Hitchcock helping out at Red Wings camp | freep.com | Detroit Free Press

Figuring that there’s no such thing as too much hockey knowledge, coach Mike Babcock gladly said yes when Ken Hitchcock called and asked whether he could come to Detroit Red Wings training camp. [...] "Hitch phoned me and said, ‘I want to learn, can I come to your camp?,'" Babcock said. "I phoned Kenny Holland and said, ‘He wants to learn, but I want to learn, too -- can he come to our camp?’ [...]" Hitchcock, who was an assistant to Babcock at the 2010 Winter Olympics, sees it as a learning experience, too. "I was grateful they gave me a chance to come and watch," Hitchcock said. "I want to learn."

Just what we need. Ken Hitchcock is going to get smarter.

Somehow, I get the feeling this guy just loves hockey and loves coaching hockey and just has to be around hockey. When he's not fighting crime, that is.