Ian Laperriere Tribute Video: "He'll become the heart and soul of your team"

Footage from an NHL documentary on tough guys, featuring Laperriere's role with the Kings

Today the Kings pay tribute to tough-as-nails forward Ian Laperriere, who was a fan favorite for the nine seasons he played with them from 1996 to 2004.

Here are some great clips from Honor and Courage, a documentary on tough guys shot near the end of his time in LA. Luc Robitaille and Andy Murray describe what a valuable teammate he is, but the priceless quotes come from interviews with Lappy himself.

There's also a sobering moment where he ponders the risks of future hits to the head. Laperriere's career ended after the 2010 season, when he blocked a shot with his forehead and suffered another concussion.

Favorite moment:

"He's like, Why'd you always come after me all the time?" (eyeroll) "Because you're the biggest guy out there..."

Thanks to Lappy for so many great memories. Best of luck to him in his future career with the Flyers.

What were your favorite Laperriere moments?