I'll ask again: why hasn't Colin Fraser come off "injured non-roster"?

A few weeks ago, Colin Fraser was cleared (according to Fraser) to participate in full practices, and (according to Hammond) has been doing so since. However, as I mentioned back then, when Fraser returns to the active roster, that would give the Kings 24 active players, and someone would have to move. Players on injured reserve have to come off IR as soon as they are cleared to play. I thought this was the case for "injured non-roster" players as well. But apparently not. (The reason Fraser is not on IR is that he was not on last year's roster and he wasn't injured in camp.)

It looks to me like Lombardi has found a way to keep a roster of 24 indefinitely. Maybe this is a common ploy, and it's just the first time I'm noticing it. Fraser is in effect a healthy scratch (as far as I know; I'm working with incomplete information), but he is not listed as such. He's engaging in full practices, but he's not on the roster. He's nowhere.