I'll Second That

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Willy, you just signed a 4 year deal. We don't want you to miss any more time because your shoulder didn't heal right the first time (see Palffy, Ziggy). Shut it down. [...]

This is a great point.

This could very well be Oscar Moller’s last chance to make an impact with the club.

Why? He's 22. He's cheap. And he's an RFA this summer. He'll be around for at least another year and I hope for a lot longer than that. I personally look forward to the day when the Kings have two snipers in the top six (Oscar and Tyler Toffoli) instead of zero.

Bud Holloway waits in the wings and while he's leading the Monarchs in scoring this season (25g, 27a) he doesn’t have any NHL experience. However, he was unbelievable in the Manchester playoffs last season, scoring 7 goals in 16 games, 6 of them were game winners.

The 7 goals was impressive, but the 6 game winners is kind of random. If Bernier hadn't stood on his head, he could just as easily have had zero GWG.