I'm kind of surprised that Craig Conroy seems like an idiot and also in kindergarten

It surprised Calgary Flames veteran Craig Conroy not only that a referee would tell a player he was out to get him but that the player would then talk about it in the media.

"For Burrows to maybe say something to him or to go to the media and say it, I don't know," Conroy said in Calgary. "It's like a tattletale.

"No-one likes a tattletale. That's kind of what it looked like to me. Maybe he's got a valid point and if he does, then someone's in big trouble. It's word against word. If no-one else heard it, it's one guy's word against another guy's word. It's a tough call. Maybe he felt like those two penalties weren't penalties. Unless someone else heard him, I don't think you can do anything."

via Referee controversy ripples around NHL - thestar.com.