Incompetent B.S. from the Edmonton Journal on the Topic of Hossa, Franzen and the cap

It’s no surprise that Johan Franzen is getting an 11-year, $43-million contract that runs until 2021 to spread out the cap hit ($1 million the final two, years when he’ll be 38 and 39 years old).

Uh no, the cap hit is the same every year, dumba**. [UPDATE: oh, I see. The parenthetical refers not to that which precedes it, but to the contracted payment; at least, I think that's what he thinks he's saying.]

Same story with Henrik Zetterberg ($6.1 million cap hit over 12 years). They may eventually close that loophole, but Wings’ GM Ken Holland is simply playing by the rules now. And Franzen’s average cap hit of $3.95 million is actually close to what a veteran agent thought he’d get last week. Franzen will get $36 million in the first seven years, starting at $5.5 million next season — his salary more in tune with his tremendous goal-scoring ability. "Let’s see now, we have an 11-year contract and a 12-year contract, so I guess Marian will take 10 or 13 years," laughed Hossa’s agent Ritch Winter, who talked to Holland about numbers Saturday, although Holland won't be able to sign Hossa until June because of their cap situation.

Actually, that makes no sense at all.

Hossa is going nowhere. His cap hit will be in the $6-million range. "I will tell you this: despite what people are saying, the salary cap in Detroit will definitely be no impediment to Marian signing there," said Winter.

Right. Do the math: in order for the Wings to sign Hossa with a cap hit of $6MM, they will have to dump at least two huge salaries. Who are they going to get rid of? Filppula and Stuart? Kronwall and Stuart? Take your pick. But you can't say there will be "no impediment."

UPDATE: Just to be sure, I added the numbers up again. A Hossa cap hit of $6MM would leave the Wings with a cap number of $59.3 with four players left to sign. That means, assuming entry level salaries, that they would have a cap hit of around $62MM. Assume the cap will go up nominally, a couple million. The Wings must shed at least one huge salary and probably two, in addition to losing Samuelsson and Hudler. So call it Samuelsson, Hudler, Stuart and maybe someone else. I don't believe it. And still, it's not NO impediment.

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