International Day of Happiness

We know this season has been rough. But let’s celebrate nice things for just a minute.

Did you know that today is the International Day of Happiness? It’s a real thing; it’s got a website and everything. This year’s theme is “happier together,” and organizers of the mysterious but definitely real holiday say that people should spend the day focusing on what brings us together.

What brings us together here at Jewels from the Crown is, of course, a love of this ridiculous hockey team which has defied our expectations in, uh, less than great ways this season. But win or lose, we’re all fans for a reason. When the product on the ice disappoints us, it’s because we know they could be so much better.

I took to the internet today to ask Kings fans what makes them happy about the team. Here are some of their responses. (You may notice a common theme...)

From Paolo: “Carl Grundstrom/Adrian Kempe chemistry.”

The two young Swedes have definitely been showing that they click together. If keeping them on a line together helps unlock some of Kempe’s offensive skill, we are all for it!

The emergence of players like Austin Wagner, Matt Luff, Matt Roy, and Sean Walker may have come a little earlier than the organization intended, but watching each of them grow as players ... when they get more than five minutes of ice time ... night in and night out has definitely been a pleasure.

And from JFTC’s Michael:

“...The Future of the Kings. A top 3 pick in this draft would be so helpful for the next seasons. (Hopefully they don’t blow it.)
...Willie Desjardins. He gave me so much to write about in an otherwise dismal season.
...Rob Blake. He’s the Mad Scientist and now all of the other writers/reporters/etc. are reluctantly admitting what we honed in on from the third week of the season and forward.
...Jonathan Quick. He makes watching the games fun.
...Bill Ranford. The greatest specialty coach EVER!”

Let’s throw some love in there for Dusty Imoo, too, who’s done tremendous work with Jack Campbell and Cal Petersen to help shape them into potential goaltenders of the future.

And, well, there’s always this:

The Willie Desjardins era should be mercifully coming to a close soon. So if nothing else, if even the prospect of watching young Kings players try to make a difference on the ice doesn’t get you feeling at least a bit charmed, then the prospect of the last day of the season has got to have you a little hopeful for what’s next.

As for me? What about this team makes me happy? Aside from echoing the sentiments of everyone else about discovering that our prospects can hang with the big club, well, there’s always this:

Knowing that Derek Forbort is unsure what a chicken is will bring me joy for possibly the rest of my life.

Thanks, Derek.

What about you? In an otherwise blah season, what’s made you happiest about the Kings? Let us know in the comments.