It's tough to go back-to-back

This is just a quick little something I was thinking about following the Kings' stunning Game 3 win (quick, raise your hand if you thought we'd be up 3-0? okay, now put your hand down you liar).

I think the fact that the Penguins & Red Wings went to back-to-back Cup finals in 2008 & 2009 tricked people into forgetting what typically happens to Stanley Cup finalists the following season. Let's go back to the lockout:

2006- Carolina Hurricanes vs. Edmonton Oilers- both teams miss playoffs in 2007
2007- Ottawa Senators vs. Anaheim Ducks- both teams eliminated in 1st round in 2008
2008- Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings- the exception that proves the rule
2009- Pittsburgh Penguins vs. Detroit Red Wings- both teams eliminated in 2nd round in 2010
2010- Philadelphia Flyers vs. Chicago Blackhawks- Flyers eliminated in 2nd round, Hawks eliminated in 1st round in 2011

(In case you're really bad at math- only 5 of 10, exactly half, of the finalists make it out of the 1st round the following season. Of those 5, only 2 make it out of the 2nd round.)

Of course nothing is over yet and all that, but it sure looks like the Canucks are continuing that trend. Simply put, it's almost impossible to make a deep run in back-to-back seasons in the modern NHL.

I'll see you tomorrow today for the links and stuff. Enjoy the win, and best of luck getting through work in a zombified stupor. #BecauseIt'stheCup