[UPDATED] Jarret Stoll Reaches Plea Agreement, Gets Community Service

His felony charge gets reduced to two misdemeanors, and Stoll is (mostly) off the hook.

6/25/15, 12:00 PM: Jarret Stoll's court case has been resolved after a plea agreement was reached in Las Vegas Justice Court. Stoll's sentence includes 32 hours of community service, to be performed in the next 120 days. (The NHL season starts in 105 days, for the record.) Here's more on the community service aspect, from Lisa Dillman:

Components of Stoll's community service will include putting together a hockey program for at-risk youth in the Las Vegas area. Stoll will also volunteer with the Salvation Army in Clark County.

It was noted that Stoll will donate hockey equipment, believed to be worth about $50,000, as part of the youth program. In Thursday's court proceedings, the likelihood of NHL expansion to Las Vegas was noted and there would be an inclusion of league players, possibly teammates of Stoll's, to address the youth program, adding a "celebrity component."

They talk about the punishment fitting the crime; in this case, it may not necessarily fit the crime, but it certainly fits Stoll. It's pretty fascinating that NHL expansion to Las Vegas was actually mentioned in court, to say the least.

In all likelihood, this changes nothing for the Los Angeles Kings; Stoll will be a UFA on July 1, and all signs indicate he won't be re-signing with the Kings.

ORIGINAL POST, 6/22/15, 12:15 PM: After several weeks of waiting, Jarret Stoll has been charged in the wake of his arrest in Las Vegas on April 17.

Lisa Dillman and Rich Hammond both had updates on the filing of the criminal complaint this morning. The substance in question is cocaine (and nothing else), the charge is a felony, and the consequences... well, we'll see.

Stoll's next court date is July 1; that is, of course, the day that Stoll officially becomes an unrestricted free agent. At this point, it's incredibly unlikely that he'll be a Los Angeles King next season.