Off Day Watch, 10/19: Please Protect Your Legs, Everybody

It’s been a very busy day but I’m still thinking about that dumb Jeff Carter injury.

Kevlar socks are probably less comfortable than regular hockey socks. As the Associated Press wrote a few years back, players tend to get attached to their equipment and are loath to change it, especially for something that feels like “armor” instead of, you know, a regular sock. I can’t relate to that decision. I can, however, point out that this 2014 article was written because one of the best defensemen in the world sliced his Achilles tendon due to a skate blade. In the three and a half years since, several players have made the switch. It seems like Jeff Carter wasn’t one of them, and while it might not have prevented yesterday’s injury, there’s a significant chance that Carter would have walked away without the need for surgery.

At the very least, Kings, it’d make me feel better if you did it. While you’re at it, wear your visor at the right height while you’re at it, too. I care about your well-being.



  • Carter is out indefinitely, but the best-case scenario has him back in December.
  • Derek Forbort got a new contract!
  • Adrian Kempe’s first career hat trick was, to say the least, a big thrill./



The Dodgers are leading in Chicago with a chance to make the World Series. You don’t have to watch hockey tonight, I’ll forgive you.