Jewelcast 2.3: Here Come the Sharks

Special Guest: Derek, aka The Neutral, aka The God, aka the man you used to know as Fear The Fin on Twitter.

Welcome back to the Jewelcast! Eric and Nick are your hosts once again. We will have a special guest! Recently risen from the dead, Derek aka the man formerly behind Fear The Fin has graciously agreed to bring his talents to our humble podcast. He's incredibly smart and funny and both our podcast and the internet are better for him being on it.

As you may expect, we'll be previewing the upcoming playoff series between the Kings and the Sharks. I'm sure we'll also touch on the playoffs at large and maybe ruminate on the season that was. I'll also definitely ask Derek both what kind of food Tyler Toffoli reminds him of and how cute the young Kings forward is.

As always, you can either go to the episode page or listen below. We'll have the podcast available on iTunes as soon as possible. Thank you so much for listening! Enjoy!