Jewelcast 22: A Very Special Episode

Really, it is!

Tonight, we are all very proud to bring you A Very Special Episode of the World-Famous Jewelcast. For the first time since the very first episode of our proudly-in-double-digits podcast, we bring episode without a guest!

(streamers fall)

(horns blare)

(children scream, hopefully out of joy)

Yes, tonight we'll bring it back to where it started: with me, and Nick, and Andrew talking about shootypuck. No fancy guests. Just the three of us. It's like "Just the Two of Us", but with three!

We'll talk about the Kings and their continued struggles, their brief moment of happiness on Saturday, and their upcoming week against the Florida Panthers (a team that Nick has an unhealthy love for), Carolina Hurricanes (a team no one on earth has an unhealthy love for, I don't think), and the Dallas Stars (a team that, uh, exists). Exciting! You should be excited! WHY AREN'T YOU EXCITED

You can listen in live starting at 6:00 pacific/9:00 eastern by heading over to our episode page, or by using the live stream I've embedded below. You'll also find a Skype click-to-talk button on the episode page should you want to join us on the air, or can call in via more traditional means by dialing 347-850-1179. If you wanna share your thoughts in 140 characters-or-less, tweet to the hashtag #jewelcast. Should you miss the show live it will be archived shortly afterwards here (using the same player), on our Itunes feed, and now via Stitcher as well! As always, enjoy the show.

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