Jewelcast 24: Women in Hockey Blogging, Part 2

Of a roughly seven-hundred part series, probably.

Tonight's Jewelcast will once again discuss women in hockey blogging/hockey fandom and the many difficulties they're faced with just in their attempts to participate. If you'll recall, we did one of these a while back talking with Langluy and both of the ladies from THX BUD, around the time news broke about a prominent hockey blogger using social media to harass women. Well, if you've been living under a rock, over this past weekend news broke that it was happening again. So once again, this feels like the right time to have this conversation.

We'll be joined on tonight's episode by four more ladies who are a huge part of hockey fandom. Toni McIntyre (@ToniMacAttack) blogged for The Hockey Writers on the Dallas Stars (she's also a huge Penguins fan) and was the one who initially broke this latest story open when she bravely came forward publicly about her harassment. She'll be making her second appearance on the podcast, as she came on over the summer to help us preview the Stars' season.

Zoe (@zoeclaire_) is a longtime Penguins blogger across a number of different sites, currently at Hockey Without Propriety where she is helping people learn more about the Calgary Flames (I cannot recommend that article enough).

Manali (@manalivs) is a staple of Sharks twitter circles, one of the funniest people I've ever come across on the website. She's also extremely knowledgeable and well-spoken on a number of different issues, from feminism to gay rights to racial inequality. I believe she called in to the first women in hockey blogging episode, but this time around she'll join us a guest for the entire show, and we're lucky to have her.

Finally, Brigitte Lynne (@OneGirlOnePuck), is a hockey blogging veteran via her own site, One Girl One Puck, and was formerly part of The Royal Half. She's been a bit outspoken since leaving that blog and has been a strong voice for female bloggers. She's not afraid to talk about the simple fact that some of these hockey-playin'-dudes are really attractive, which a lot of female writers feel pressure to shy away from, lest they be accused of being "not real fans" (and that's something we'll definitely talk about).

We're all very excited to bring you this episode tonight, and we hope you'll tune in. The show will go live at 6 pacific/9 eastern, and you can listen via the embedded player below or by going to the episode page. We'd also love to hear from other women in hockey fandom who want to share their own thoughts and experiences, so when we ask for callers feel free to dial in either via phone (347-850-1179) or via Skype (the click-to-talk button will appear on the episode page after we go live). If you're male, you may call in with questions, but please try to respect the fact that we're focusing on female voices tonight and we would really prefer if you didn't try to editorialize. Also don't forget that you can always share your thoughts and questions on Twitter; just use the #jewelcast hashtag, which we'll be checking throughout the show.

If you can't join us live tonight, the show will be recorded and available for you to listen to shortly afterwards, via either the same embedded player below, the episode page, our Itunes feed, or on Stitcher. Enjoy tonight's show!

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