Jewelcast Eight: Duck (That Chair Bob Murray Just Threw)

We've finally reached the end of the summer Pacific preview series, as we'll talk about the damn Ducks with Kid Ish of Anaheim Calling.

We've discussed oil and flame and Canadians and coyotes-that-howl-like-wolves and sharks that are only dangerous until May, but tonight it's time to talk about the (somehow) two-time defending division champions, the Anaheim Ducks. We'll be joined by Kid Ish (@kid_ish on Twitter) from Anaheim Calling to try and figure out just what the hell to make of the quack brigade. Are they a real threat to threepeat in meaningless division titles? Is Ryan Kesler really coming there or did we all just kind of imagine that? And are the Ducks, like, an actual team or some kind of elaborate Disney hoax that's gone on for far too long? Hopefully he'll have some answers to these and other important questions!

As usual, we'll be live on the air at 6 pm pacific/9 pm eastern, and you can listen in by going to our episode page. You'll also find a Skype click-to-talk button should you want to call in and speak with us, or you can use the more traditional phone method (347-850-1179) should you so desire. Finally, you may tweet your questions to us using the hashtag #Jewelcast, and if you're not able to listen live we'll have the full episode up here and via our Itunes page soon after it goes off the air. Enjoy.

EDIT: Another one in the books. Listen with the player below, you know the deal, I'm going to go pass out now.

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