Jewelcast Eleven: Centrally Located, Part 2

The Central Division preview wraps up with two good teams and also the Avalanche.

This week's episode of the Jewelcast sees us finish tackling the Central Division. We'll talk about the Avalanche, Blues, and Blackhawks, and will be joined by two guests: Robb (@robbtuftshockey on Twitter) of St. Louis Game Time and Mike Shoro (@mike_shoro) formerly of Second City Hockey. Hopefully you can figure out for yourselves which team each is covering (hint: not the Avs).

As always, you can listen in live starting at 6 pacific/9 eastern via our episode page. You'll also find a Skype click-to-talk button there should you want to join us on the air, and can also call in via more traditional means by dialing 347-850-1179. Should you want to share your thoughts with us in 140 characters-or-less, you can do so by tweeting to the hashtag #jewelcast, and should you miss the show live it will be archived shortly afterwards both here and on our Itunes feed. Thanks and enjoy!

EDIT: I have no idea how we went over an hour and 20 minutes with only two hosts and three teams to talk about (compared to four last week), but somehow we did. Still, I thought the episode was actually a lot of fun, and hopefully you'll agree! Listen below or check it out on the Itunes feed later.

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