Jewelcast, Episode 3.5: Flying High and Flying Low

Kings talk with a Ducks guest. Or Ducks talk with a Kings host. Or both.

Ah, yes, the Los Angeles Kings and the Anaheim Ducks. A rivalry as old as time itself.

(CORRECTION: A rivalry that's 24 years old.)

Last year, the Ducks continued their regular season dominance of the Pacific Division by nipping the Kings at the finish line, by one point. Odds are, it isn't going to be that close this year between the two; while the Ducks are five points out of the division lead, the Kings are fifteen out, and fighting just to make the playoffs. Eric (from Jewels from the Crown) and CJ (from Anaheim Calling) will discuss the last matchup and the next matchup between LA and Anaheim, as well as trade deadline buzz, the season-long slumps of Anze Kopitar and Corey Perry, goaltending, and the rest of the Pacific race.

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