Jewelcast, Episode 4.3: Spur-Of-The-Moment-Because-Things-Are-Good-Right-Now

Eight wins in ten games calls for a Surprise Postgame Podcast.

Our last podcast was just six days ago, but it took place in an uncertain time. Adrian Kempe had picked up a hat trick and the Los Angeles Kings had won five of six, but Jeff Carter had been injured and there were still some issues with certain Kings. Since then, LA has put together another three wins in four games, including a couple of dramatic wins and a victory in Montreal which wasn't well-represented by the final score. Even so, LA has handled this road trip exactly as the fans hoped they would, and they've put themselves in a great position as October winds down.

Eric, Sarah, and James (the other one this time!) are talking Quick, Kempe, Kopitar, Brown, Toffoli, Muzzin, Martinez, Doughty, and more in a rare postgame Jewelcast. We might even argue about all the defensemen again! Join us for sixty minutes of happy victory talk.

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