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Jewelcast Four: A tribute to Burke’s hair

Jewelcast is back on our regular Monday night to talk all about the Calgary Flames, in the second installment of our Pacific preview series. Myself, Nick, and Eric (Andrew has the week off presumably to apologize to Dustin Brown for his Roman emperor comparison) will discuss all things Brian Burke’s Hair and perhaps even talk a little bit about the Flames roster too. We’ll also discuss our Kings season review articles so far and whatever else we can come up here in the dog days of summer. The show goes live at 7:30 pacific/10:30 eastern, and you can listen in as we broadcast via our episode page, where you’ll also find a Skype connect-to-talk button if you’d like to call in (you can also use your regular ‘ol phone; the number is 347-850-1179).

At about 8 pacific/11 eastern we’ll be joined by our guests this evening: Ari (@thirtyfourseven), the editor of SBN’s Flames blog Matchsticks & Gasoline, and Robert (@rmcleave) of Flames Nation. The two will help provide the Calgary perspective on what can be expected from the Flames next season, and we thank them both in advance for joining us!

Of course if you can’t listen in live you can always download the podcast almost immediately after we go off the air, and hey to make that even easier we’re now on ITunes so please subscribe, rate, and review to help us get the word out!

Once again, to listen live go to our episode page. Thank you all for supporting Jewelcast so far (I’m honestly perplexed- but in a happy way!- by how many downloads and live listens we’ve gotten so far, so we all really appreciate it!), and this is something we plan on doing each and every Monday for you, right up through the regular season! Enjoy tonight’s episode!

UPDATE: Another one in the books! And again we managed to stick to right around an hour! A huge thanks to our two guests who thankfully had way, way more to say about the Calgary Flames than we did. As announced on the air, we’ll be back next Monday a bit earlier (6 pacific/9 eastern) to talk about the Vancouver Canucks with our special guest Dimitri Filipovic of the Sporting News and Canucks Army! In the meantime, you can stream this week’s episode below, and it should be up on iTunes shortly.

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