Jewelcast Nine: Women in Hockey Blogging

And now for something completely different.....

Recent events in the hockey blogosphere and on Twitter have brought an important issue to the forefront; namely, the issue of women in hockey blogging and more specifically the unwarranted attention and even harassment they often are forced to deal with just to participate in this male-dominated space. On this week's Jewelcast, we are pleased to have our own Langluy (@langluy on the Twitter machine) on for the first time to discuss her experiences. She'll be joined by Chanelle and Diane of the excellent Kings blog Thx Bud (@thxbud), appearing on the show for the second time (they originally appeared on our chaotic second episode). The episode will go live at 7 pacific/10 eastern, and as always you can listen live from our episode page. It will also be archived here and on our Itunes feed shortly after we go off the air, should you be unable to join us live.

If you're another female hockey fan, we also want to hear from you too on this complicated but important subject! We'll have a segment of the show dedicated to open lines, and you can join us either by calling in via phone (347-850-1179) or by clicking on the Skype click-to-talk button that will appear on the episode page once we go live. You can also send us your questions or comments via Twitter; just use the hashtag #Jewelcast.

We're really looking forward to bringing you this important episode of the Jewelcast tonight, and hope you'll tune in! Again, head over to our episode page and you'll hear it live starting at 7 pacific/10 eastern!

EDIT: At over 105 minutes it's easily our longest Jewelcast so far, but I think you'll enjoy it from start-to-finish. Langluy, Chanelle, and Diane have a robust discussion on the topic of women in blogging for about 40 minutes, then we opened up the phone lines and had several callers with interesting opinions and questions on the same subject. Finally we wrapped up the show with about 30 or so minutes of pure Kings and hockey talk. Enjoy!

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