Jewelcast One: Whoa, we have a podcast? Yes, we have a podcast!

The first episode features technical difficulties and lots of giggling! DON'T MISS IT!

A podcast is something we've talked about doing here at Jewels for, god, probably about 2 years now, and we're finally making it happen tonight! Thanks to SB Nation's partnership with Blog Talk Radio, we're proud to bring you our very first episode, live tonight starting at 5 pacific and 8 eastern! Click here for the episode page where you can listen in and even call in and talk to us if you want, either through the phone number listed or if you have Skype, there should be a Click to Talk button once the show goes live.

It will be me, Nick, and Andrew hosting this maiden voyage. If the audio quality sucks ass or we have some other massive fail, please excuse our blatant noob-ness. Presumably we'll get better at this as we go along.

For our first episode, we'll talk about the Kings latest Cup run, the draft, tee up free agency, and more! So please tune in, and if you can't listen live, feel free to check out the podcast a few hours after!

UPDATE: Okay, the live show is over. The first 20 minutes or so were really awful, mostly because of my technical problems, but once I gave up on Skype (thanks, terrible internet) I think it was probably better. Also, it's 90 minutes long, for some reason, and I think we talked about the Penguins more than the Kings. But if that hasn't deterred you, here you go!

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