Jewelcast Seven: The one you've all been waiting for

Our topic tonight is: hahaha the San Jose Sharks ahahahahaha.

I would be lying to you if I tried to pretend I haven't had this date circled on my calendar since we first started this whole summer Pacific division preview series thing. Tonight, we have finally reached the main event, the headline attraction, the show everyone has come to see: the tire fire that is the Sharks of San Jose! We'll go live on the air at 6 pacific/9 eastern, and then around 6:30 we'll be joined by Derek, better known as The Neutral of Fear the Fin and/or the guy who runs the @fearthefin account, AND by Stace (@stace_ofbase) of Battle of California, better known as the BoC blogger who is not a dude. This should be great, you guys. I may or may not actually be shaking with anticipation.

Other than that, I have no idea what we're going to discuss tonight. Maybe the new season reviews, maybe PK Subban's new contract, maybe some movie I haven't actually seen yet. I guess you'll just have to tune in to find out, won't you? Again, we go live at 6 pacific/9 eastern, and you can listen live by going to our episode page. Of course, if you can't fit that into your schedule you can also listen afterwards via this very page or our iTunes page, whatever you want you're the boss.

If you'd like to interact with us while we're live, you can call 347-850-1179 or use the Skype click-to-talk button that will appear on the episode page after the show starts. You can also simply tweet any questions in using the hashtag #Jewelcast if you're too shy. Again, go to the Jewelcast Seven episode page to listen live, and enjoy!

UPDATE: Well, that was fun. We went a little bit longer than our last few episodes, going about 80 minutes this time, BUT that's only 78 minutes if you don't count the 2 minutes actually only 20 seconds!!! of dead air at the start thanks to my internet going out! Yeah! Other than that, I really enjoyed doing tonight's episode, and I think you'll enjoy listening to it too. Use the player below to give 'er a whirl, and we'll see you next week when we have on Kid Ish of Anaheim Calling to finally end the series!

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