Jewelcast Sixteen: Season's Eve's Eve

With the start of another NHL season finally almost here, we'll be joined on tonight's show by Jon Rosen of LA Kings Insider to preview the Kings from every angle!

We've previewed every team in the NHL on the Jewelcast over the course of the summer, except for one. This week, with the banner set to go up in about 48 hours, we'll bring you over comprehensive LA Kings 2014-15 season preview! And for such a big episode, we have an equally big guest: Jon Rosen (@lakingsinsider), who is of course the man behind the immensely popular LA Kings Insider blog. We'll talk all about the Kings: what are reasonable expectations for them heading into their second Cup defense season, can they really be the first team to repeat as champions since 1998, and what will having guys like Gaborik, Toffoli, and Pearson right from the start do for the team? We'll cover all of it and more on this enormous episode of the Jewelcast, so don't miss it!

You can listen in live starting at 8:00 pacific/11:00 eastern by heading over to our episode page. You'll also find a Skype click-to-talk button there should you want to join us on the air, and can also call in via more traditional means by dialing 347-850-1179. If you wanna share your thoughts in 140 characters-or-less, tweet to the hashtag #jewelcast. Should you miss the show live it will be archived shortly afterwards both here and on our Itunes feed. If there's anything you ever wanted to ask Jon about what it's like covering the Kings, here's your chance to ask! Enjoy the show!

EDIT: We went about an hour and five minutes with Jon Rosen talking a variety of subjects. Roughly the first half of the show is dedicated to Jon's memories and thoughts on covering the Kings' most recent run to the Stanley Cup, with the second half spent previewing the upcoming season. Check out the full show below.

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