Jewelcast Thirteen: Why are we talking about the East?

Because <em>reasons</em>, that&#39;s why.

With training camp and preseason fast approaching, we've talked about every Western Conference team except for one (and we'll get to them, don't worry). But that does still leave more than half of the NHL untouched by our slavish devotion to offseason previews, and we'll rectify that tonight. Tired of hearing Eastern Conference fans/journalists/whatever talk about Western Conference teams even though they don't really pay any attention to them? Well, for a change, we bring you Western Conference fans talking about Eastern Conference teams that we don't really pay attention to! You're welcome, everyone!

Tonight's show will feature our own Langluy (@langluy) making her second co-hosting appearance. Langluy hates all teams who aren't the Kings, and she seems to be especially not fond of the East, making her the perfect candidate for tonight's episode! Our beloved, benevolent ruler Eric (@hailrover) will also join us for his first Jewelcast appearance in a while. But we'll attempt to balance things out a little bit with our guest: Kevin Sellathamby (@HellblazerVice) is a popular Twitter personality and ex-In Lou We Trust blogger who manages to generally be entertaining despite his crippling fan-of-an-Eastern-Conference-team handicap, and he'll take on the dreaded West Coast Bias 1-on-3! How will we possibly cover sixteen teams in one episode? How many jokes will we make about the Maple Leafs? Tune in to find out!

You can listen in live starting at 7 pacific/10 eastern by heading over to our episode page. You'll also find a Skype click-to-talk button there should you want to join us on the air, and can also call in via more traditional means by dialing 347-850-1179. Do you want to share your thoughts on why Toronto sucks? You have many options to do it! Should you want to say "Toronto sucks" in 140 characters-or-less, you can do so by tweeting to the hashtag #jewelcast, and should you miss the show live it will be archived shortly afterwards both here and on our Itunes feed. As always, enjoy the show!

EDIT: Somehow we went almost 100 minutes on the east. Turns out talking about 16 hockey teams takes a long-ass time!

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