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Jewelcast Two: Oh god, this again already? I mean, FREE AGENCY!

Look, I don’t really know who or what is going on with tonight’s episode. We will definitely have Nick & I again from 7, and Andrew will join us too at 7:30. We will also have the two wonderful ladies of THX BUD, an infinitely superior LA Kings podcast, joining us for at least part of the show. And some combination of Eric, Robert, and who-knows-who-else may or may not be joining us as well.

Of course, you’re also welcome to join us live on the air! Simply click this link here to go to the episode page, where you’ll also find the phone number (347-850-1179) to call in as well as a Skype button that will magically appear next to the phone number once we go live, if you’d prefer that method of communication.

I don’t know what we’re talking about tonight. Something about free agency and Corsi over/unders or something, I don’t know. Enjoy!

UPDATE: It’s over. Somehow it’s even longer than the first one. That shouldn’t even really be possible. But here you are, listen below (or see the aforementioned episode page for RSS feed etc. information).

In addition to the aforementioned THX BUD gals, we were also briefly joined by Sarah Connors from Stanley Cup of Chowder!

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