JftC Presents: The 2015 Top 25 Under 25

Once described as "perfect summer content" by Jon Rosen

It's time for us to once again lay down a true and meaningful ruling about the best young players in the Kings' organization.

We'll pretend this is an anniversary of sorts, because it's actually 2 years to the day of our inaugural Top 25 Under 25 launch. Happy birthday, arbitrary list selected by non-experts! We love you so much.

To get you excited for our primary source of content over the next 2 months, Eric wrote a piece about how bad and terrible our prospect pool has become. Still, there are interesting names left in the group of players under the age of 25. Names like Brodzinski and Amadio and Lintuniemi and Dergachyov and Reddekopp are all very intriguing. Their hockey skills might not be, but their names are truly top notch.

Though it is a more barren cupboard than it has been in years past, this is the future of our team. We are going to get to know them whether they help the Kings win Cups or win trades.

This year will also see the crowning of a new King atop the list. Drew Doughty has graduated to "being 26-years old" so he is no longer eligible. Who will be the new champion of the Kings' young players? A true mystery just waiting to be solved.

The first post of the series should roll out on Friday, so stay tuned!